How to earn money online without investment?

How to earn money online without investmentHow to earn money online without investment?

In this era of globalization accompanied by ever accelerating competition, online jobs are the most demanding jobs in India and abroad. The biggest advantage of these jobs is that they usually do not require any investment and can be managed from home easily. So, the national or local boundaries are of no relevance and the whole world is open to as your client. The major demands include the potential and time in this regard. So, if you have question how to earn money online without investment, this article is for  you.

How to earn money online without investment?

Following are the few job opportunities you can grab in order to earn money-

Data entry jobs

Online and offline data entry jobs, SMS sending and captcha solving jobs are available on the same notes in which you have to spend a few hours in front of your computer and you can earn easy money out of it. But, be careful, there are many fake companies in this field.

Freelancing jobs

Freelancing means providing services to your clients. You are your own boss here. There is no fixed time to work and no monotonous schedule. Many a people need extra working hands during their busy times. You can provide those extra need hands. What you need is just few skills. And find the clients who need your services. There are enormous job opportunities in this field. If you are an expert in computer programming or cooking or writing or you have command in any language, there are endless opportunities to earn. And the most important, you can earn from home. So, the housewives, retired elders, college students-anybody can work. There are websites available for providing such jobs like www.,, and many  more.

Affiliate marketing jobs

Under such jobs, you have to promote the products of online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipcart, ebay, etc. Online shopping is one of the biggest craze these days and it is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s hi-tech world. One needs to join the affiliate program of these websites and promote their products through your affiliated links. You get a certain percentage of commission on each and every sale made through your link. You can connect your friends and relatives to enhance your earnings.

Sell photos online

if you are passionate about photography, you can turn this interest into a source of earning. There are many websites like Shutterstock, photobucket, etc. who buy good photos of nature, animals, incidents, etc.  You can sell your photographs to these websites and earn handsome money.

Earning money from YouTube

Owned by Google, YouTube is the largest website of sharing the videos. You can create original videos of anything you like and upload it on this website.  If your videos receive huge acclamation, you can join the YouTube partner program and earn money. You can also receive money through the advertisements shown in your video.

Writing e-book

If you are passionate about writing and have a good niche on any field, you can create a short e-book and sell it online or to your friends and colleagues. This can be a good source of income.

Micro Online Jobs

Micro jobs mean small tasks or jobs which takes only few minutes or seconds to complete the task. There are numerous small tasks available online like writing a blog, writing reviews, sharing a web page, giving reviews or rating for a product, etc. which takes very little of your time and give good returns.

Selling online

Under this job, all you have to do is to find good products in your locality, sign up at any or all of the online selling websites, list your products together with prices and start selling. You will receive order in your mailbox and then deliver it through courier or post.

To conclude, there are a number of ways by which one can earn income from home through these online jobs. Anticipate properly and commence the job that suits you the most.  But be aware, there are many fake companies active in this field. So, before starting any job, check the authenticity and viability of the organization before paying any joining fee.The terms and conditions must be clearly stated and decided upon before a contract is signed. The is virtual world and equal opportunities and threats, so its better to be safe than sorry.

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